About us - The Vegamót family


Us...Heiða and Bjarni


Our daughters, María, Bríet Brá and Anna Margrét

The Vegamót family.

We are a family of five, Heiða (58), Bjarni (59) and our daughters, Anna Margrét, María and Bríet Brá. In and around our home we also have two cats, Hrefna and Lotta. Our daughters are away for work and study so the old couple is running the show at the moment!

Heiða is born in Dalvík but Bjarni is born in Grenivík on the opposite side of the fjord. We are busy most of the time taking care of our hostel and cottages as well as our Café/bar "Gísli, Eiríkur, Helgi".
​We live in Vegamót, which is our house, situated at the south entrance of Dalvík. A lot of houses in Dalvík, like in other towns and villages in Iceland, have names...and not always a real postal address! Around 70 homes in Dalvík have names and some of them are used as post adresses...like our home at Vegamót. Vegamót means Crossroads in english.

We have been running our little company for five years now, providing accommodation in our Dalvík hostel, Gimli, three cottages and the "Old farm house". The cottages and the Old farm house are situated by our house Vegamót but Gimli is in the center of Dalvík.
From June to September we also run the local skihut which is a located at the ski area above Dalvík.

We are a part of  “HiHostel International”  and accommodation can be booked at the HiHostel pages like www.hostel.is...also on booking.com and airbnb. The best way it to write us an email vegamot@vegamot.net. Photos can be found on www.flickr/bjarnigunn. 

We are ready to advise our guests on what to do while staying here or give information needed for their journey. We also pick up travellers (for additional fee) from Akureyri and provide tours around the area if needed.
We hope to be able to make your stay a very enjoyable one and we welcome you to our precious Dalvík!


Vegamót, our home. Lights at the local ski area in the background.